About Me

I am a complicated person on a journey to self-discovery. I figured that I am a mystery to myself until now.

I live a pretty much uninteresting life; I like it that way; boredom is fascinating and idleness can be made a friend instead of a foe if you allow creativity to be conceived in those moments. I swim in a constellation of emotions that make my life colorful; though at times the skies above me turn to gray, I conceal the reality under the guise of a smile; but don't we all?

I’ve come up with numerous careless decisions in the past (perhaps I still do at present) and in a way, I am currently suffering the outcomes of such indiscretions. But I’d like to see them as blessings in disguise, too; we can all learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, I am now treading the right path.

I wish that I can reveal more about me but I’d rather not. And even if I do, there will be parts of me that will forever remain hidden. I guess it makes life more interesting that way; when there are things that we don’t know and we never will.

email: irenecortez9583@gmail.com


  1. I like the way you express with your words :)
    Enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. I just found another interesting writer in you. Keep on posting. :D