I began the series of questioning again.

God took in all the queries I threw at Him, me being His frantic interviewer. Most of them weren’t new; I ask a lot of things over and over again, common ones being “Why?” and “When will this ever end?”; provoked by my utmost impatience, I always demanded Him for an answer. I do most of the talking until I run out of things to say.

And yet no thunder or ray of light would appear from the sky, just like how the miracle stories were written in the Scriptures by our forefathers; not even a voice would speak to me to let me know I was conversing with someone. God would remain silent, calm and stillness being His nature. And only the mute walls and the lingering silence of the room and my emotions coming to a demise seemed to keep me company.

There was no one else around, but I knew I wasn’t alone. I never was.

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  1. I like being alone as long as I know that someone is waiting somewhere.



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  3. Stunning words, very poetic. You can often feel alone at times but there's always someone out there to lean on

  4. There was no one else around, but I knew I wasn’t alone. I never was.

    Love this line, so poignant. :)

  5. Great photos followed by great words<3


  6. aaw, such a sad looking sky. i love to watch this scenery while i'm in the mood to sit down & spring some thoughts. i love your words anyway & i also believe that God is around us. we're never alone.


  7. Sometimes I feel as though God doesn't listen..but I know that we are never alone

  8. I know we are never alone, but the more I ask Him, I feel more hollow and empty...

  9. It is so good to see the heart has its own ways to find a peace and consolation. I can only send u some e-love and support and I really want the best for u on ur emotional journey. xx

  10. great photos and very inspiring post! :)
    anyway. hope you can drop by my blog too! xx


  11. Lovely words yet again. Reminds me of how often I find myself questioning God instead of just leaving it up to Him.


  12. I don't know if there is any God, but... I'm sure it's all up to you to find the answers :)...

  13. You are never alone Irene. And this brings peace to our life and mind. God is always there, even when we think he is not. He just have a way to help us deal with our issues, way we might not understand.
    Take care dear. xx

  14. I do this sometimes also, but even worse are the times when I do not feel like talking to God at all...That is when I seem to really lose my peace and joy.
    Blessings and love~ Lisa

  15. Great post, super pretty words!<3
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    With love,
    Xiao Ling Fat

  16. Awesome photoos <3
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  17. Fantastic photos, Irene! And, no, even though we may think it, we are never alone . . .

  18. You are never alone...God is always with you. Even when you think He is not answering your questions, He may be, but not in words. God bless you!

  19. Beautiful writing and photos Irene, keep it up. ^.^
    Btw, I changed the url of my blog: http://the-nightrain.blogspot.com/
    Tc x

  20. We are never alone ... there is always a superpower that guides us :-)

  21. I was actually going to refer you to Avy's blog, but I see she has commented here so you must already know each other, she writes very beautifully and similar to you. Lovely post.

    Corinne x

  22. I usually blame God though, a part of me don't think God exist, but I totally believe about your death relatives wandering around you.

  23. Yes. as long as you are faithful to God, you would never feel alone :)

    by the way, I know it's kinda late. But I just realized that you're from Philippine and I'm so sorry about what happened there while ago (typhoon haiyan).

    big hug,

  24. Lovely thoughts :-) I really want to mail you somethings

    1. http://ecrireautrement.blogspot.com/2013/11/praying.html

  25. Beautiful photos,and I think that you never alone.


  26. Indeed, no one is never alone. You put deep thoughts in this post, Irene. It's a good read. :)

  27. Such is the difference between us and Him. His replies gain clarity with time.

    The last line reminds me of a beautiful quote by Cecelia Ahern, "If we're all alone, then we're all together in that too."

  28. There were times in my life that I demanded to know "why" and "when would this end"? This past year I learned that God is listening, but he works in his own time. My pleading didn't make him work any faster, but when my prayers were finally answered I laughed and said, "He really was listening." I think you will too when the time comes. I'm praying for you! xoxo