Little Girl

7 Little Girl 1 700 copy

What her story is all about I can barely recall.

I usually come up with these stories in my head and then put them on paper through drawing. But right now, all I can remember is that I got discouraged along the way for a reason I choose not to divulge. And this along with other unfinished pieces were kept untouched inside a shiny brown envelope for months.

For one moment, I decided to play around and be a child once again. That little girl inside me has gone missing for a while. Real life must have terrified her; it always does; her heart is much too frail. Threatened to grow up far beyond her years by the challenges of this world, she crawled underneath the covers where she always felt safe.

I saw her slowly walking towards me. Her questioning eyes met mine, a trace of apprehension on her once innocent face. I did not say a word but she knew I wasn’t capable of giving her comfort.

7 Little Girl 2 700 copy7 Little Girl 3 700 copy

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  1. I'm not able to give comfort to my inner child right now either... hopefully I can someday soon. Wonderfully honest post Irene ;-)

  2. super cute ! ;D


  3. Love this, thoughtful and insightful, soulful. You have always been a wonder to me.

  4. lovely blog :)

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  6. This is very beautiful and thoughtful ... loved it :-)

  7. I understand that well enough! Hold on :-*

  8. Och my, you are SO talented! This drawing is amazing!

  9. Finding and healing, if necessary, the inner child is not always easy but it is very much worth doing, Irene. Hang in there!
    Loved your drawing and the photos!

  10. I really missed seeing your talent!...Sorry I lost track when you moved your blog.
    Heard about the typhoon in your country and wondered if you and your family were safe?
    ~Blessings and love~ Lisa

  11. Looking forward to seeing more of your art & a beautiful blog to read.

  12. This is beautiful.
    In midst of all that we are facing we forget our own voice, a voice that's only for us to hear from the beginning till the end.

  13. Lovely pictures!

    When the little girl we used to be goes away, it is hard to get her back. Or if she is still deep inside us, to make her happy. And if we've gone through hard times, sometimes she can't comfort us.

    I hope you and your family are well and safe!