Waltz In The Storm

There was a typhoon again and it rained hard Friday night.
The bitter skies sent a heavy downpour,
The sound deafening and swallowing all the other noise from the phase of the earth.
But even if the rain fell as if it was crushing the ground,
It was a serenade to my ears and brought tranquility to my heart.
And I slept soundly…
The raindrops humming a sweet lullaby,
The cool weather like a nursing mother’s warm embrace.

But the storms of life are different and aren’t as gentle…
They’ll wash you away like dirt and shake your world until you find yourself off balance…
And most of the time, inconsiderate of your previous heartaches and struggles,
Indifferent to your tears and weary soul.

And they say the rain is supposed to teach you how to dance.
But most of the time, I just couldn’t seem to follow its rhythm.
Most of the time, the rain and I just won’t sync…
I dance to a different tempo, it moves to its own beat.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep on dancing.



  1. I love to snuggle and sleep when it rains but I do not like it when it turns into a storm cos then it really becomes destructive.

    Nice writing and beautiful pics..

    1. I think it's a different story, too, when a storm wreaks havoc. I wouldn't want it either.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit, Beauty! God bless! :-)

  2. Hi Irene. Is this your new blog?? Because I can see only 5 posts here. Love the new design and content. Good luck dear.


    1. Yes, this is my new blog. Still thinking what to do with my old blog, though... hmmm...

      Anyway, thank you so much for dropping by! Take care and God bless! :-)

  3. I love rip roaring thunderstorms, like the ones I grew up with. Where I live now has nothing more than a few thunder rumbles every few couple of years. But I understand that sometimes the weather can turn from exciting to destructive. Not so great then.

    1. I wouldn't want strong typhoons that cause floods, destroy houses, and take away lives, too, Galen. That kind of weather certainly wouldn't make me sleep well at night.

      I'm glad you found time to drop by, Galen! Take care always and God bless! :-)

  4. I love falling asleep to the rain. Just as long as there's no thunder and lightning. lol I can't sleep to that!

    Beautiful post! Always keep dancing to your own rhythm. :)

    1. Oh thunder can be scary sometimes, too. But I will forever be afraid of lightning haha!

      Thank you so much for visiting, Chrys! Take care always and God bless! :-)

  5. That is such a great way to see it! The rain has its own rhythm and we must keep dancing to our own beat as well. :)

    1. Hi Rachel! We may not be able to follow the rhythm of the rain, but we can always create our own dance. :-)

      Thank you so much for dropping by! Take care always and God bless! :-)

  6. Really love this post. I love the rain...even big storms...they just show such Divine power! It's awesome really. XO

    1. Oh how right you are, Margo! The rain and the storm just shows God's majesty over all creation! Isn't He such an amazingly powerful King? :-)

      I'm glad you enjoyed my post, Margo! Much love to you and God bless! ♡ :-)