God's Love Shines Through

I saw the sun shining in the sky two weeks ago,
As if it was trying to break its rays through the rain clouds covering it.
It was beautiful…
As beautiful as a smile coming from heaven,
Just like God’s smile.

Sometimes the glistening rays of the sun do not seem visible,
Just like when there are thunderstorms.
Bad weather.
But it does not mean they are not there.
They are only hidden behind the clouds,
Because it is time for the rain to pour down.
For the thunder to make us feel its power.
For the lightning to strike the earth.

And God…
Sometimes it is as if He is so distant.
His smile…
Sometimes we think we don’t see it.
And His love…
Sometimes it seems like it cannot be felt.
But it is just there.
Always there.

God’s apparent absence when we are going through trials can be difficult to comprehend.
Where is He?
Why are all these happening?
Why me?
Out of our confusion and doubts, we ask so many questions.
But do we really need to know the answers at that exact same moment?

The answers…
Sometimes they’ll come at a later time.
Sometimes they might not come at all.
Maybe because we do not really need to know everything.
The human intellect can only handle so much.
But it would not be able to handle it all.

Or perhaps sometimes, the answers do come,
But we fail to notice them.
Because our human understanding has its limits.
Too limited to fully comprehend the plans of the Almighty.
So I suppose we don’t really have a need to understand everything,
Because in our limitations is where God’s place in our lives comes in.

The sun’s smile…
And God’s love…

Sometimes those are all the answers we need.



  1. "The sun's smile . . . and God's love . . ."
    This is an amazingly thoughtful reflection, Irene, and what great imagery you have used here! Just beautiful!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Martha! Thank you for the lovely visit! God bless! <3 :-)

  2. I think those photos are so impressive <3

  3. You know Irene, I always think that it is God smiling down at us when the sun peeps through clouds so your poem truly made me smile.

    1. What a wonderful way of thinking, Suzy! And I'm glad that my post made you smile! God bless you always! <3 :-)

  4. A wonderful post Irene! So true! We had terrible mountain fires this past week and the sky was filled with smoke. We couldn`t even see the sun, yet it was there. Always constant like the God`s love for us.Have a blessed day!

    1. So sorry to learn that you've had terrible mountain fires at your side of the world, Nelieta! But yes, the sun will always be behind that smoke. Stay safe, my friend! God is always with you! <3

  5. very pretty pics :)

    enter the giveaway! :)


    1. Glad you liked the pics, dear!

      Oh I visited your blog to supposedly join your lovely giveaway but I am not eligible as it is applicable for US residents only! Shucks! All the best to the winner, though! :-)

  6. this is so lovely and so lovely to read!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Mary Lee! Thank you so much! God bless! <3 :-)

  7. very cool...keep up posting....

  8. "In our limitations is where God’s place in our lives comes in."~ I love this Irene.

    A friend shared a song that says, "Out of darkness, the light shall shine..." I've heard of similar experiences and it's beautiful that out of everything comes God's glory. The wonders of the Lord is amplified in our pain and in trials... God's light will shine in your life if you allow Him to remove the clouds of despair and doubts in your life...

    Lots of love always! We are journeying together...

    1. "Out of darkness, the light shall shine..." -- these are beautiful lines, Melissa. Sometimes it is much easier to doubt (and maybe even forget) that God exists when we are facing trials. But instead of doubting, we should seek for Him and ask Him for His Divine intervention.

      Thank you for your wonderful reflections! And thank you for traveling this journey with me. Much love to you and God bless! <3 :-)

  9. Lovely and insightful poem!

    This is my favorite part:
    "Sometimes the glistening rays of the sun do not seem visible,
    Just like when there are thunderstorms.
    Bad weather.
    But it does not mean they are not there."

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God is always there, especially during the moments when we think He's not. <3

    1. Yes, I agree that everything does happen for a reason. And God is always there with us no matter what happens. Seeing it that way always bring hope even in times of darkness.

      Thank you so much for dropping by, Chrys! God bless! :-)